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For more than 50 years, Global Location Strategies has conducted location strategy, site selection, and incentive negotiations for world-class industrial and manufacturing corporations. With GLS, you will have a site selection team with an unparalleled understanding of the complexity and diversity of operational needs of capital- and resource-intensive projects. Our methodology is structured yet customizable to meet our clients’ specific business needs, strategies, priorities, and objectives.

Location Benchmarking

Whether you are trying to narrow your search to select countries, regions, states, or cities, we will advise what locations have the best mix of a strong labor market, superb business climate, competitive costs, and the infrastructure to meet your project’s development and operational needs.
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Site Identification
Every prospective site will have strengths and challenges. Our team scouts available properties to identify and filter through locations that meet your requirements so that you only spend time evaluating those that will drive you to success. We also help you understand the trade-off of cost, quality, and risk associated with any decision, empowering you to confidently recommend and execute upon the choice that is best for your company.
Site Evaluation and Selection
Through a combination of desktop, virtual, and field analysis, the site evaluation phase includes an assessment of each location’s investment and recurring costs, functional fit, and location-dependent risks to schedule, cost, and operating flexibility.
Technical Site Due Diligence
Our analysis covers many due diligence factors, including entitlements, utilities, logistics, environmental, workforce, and site conditions. These due diligence activities enable you to commit to your project with confidence.


The advisors at GLS have been down this road before and will skillfully guide you to your destination.

Our experienced team walks you through the process of defining your search region, identifying optimal properties, and making an informed decision.

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“GLS was there for us every step of the way in finding the perfect location for our new research and development center. We had full trust in their team to represent our company with a high level of professionalism while guiding us through the site evaluation process. GLS was incredibly thorough, responsive, innovative, and built a strong relationship with us to help execute our mission of enabling the world’s transition to clean energy.”

– Dr. Edward Blandford, Chief Technology Officer + Co-Founder

Economic Incentives

We can help you navigate the complex world of tax credits and incentives.

Our team will identify qualified incentive programs for your project, accelerating your realization of their benefits and preparing the next generation of your leadership to do the same.


Incentive Negotiations

We draw upon experience that is geographically broad and functionally deep to tailor our approach for individual projects. We can effectively negotiate financial and non-financial incentives that maximize your return on investment, reduce the location-specific risks to cost, schedule, and operating flexibility, and even support your workforce ramp-up.


Incentives Administration and Compliance

Once the project is announced, we will partner with you to set up procedures to ensure that you receive all the benefits you were promised. Our team specializes in ongoing incentive compliance support throughout the life of the agreements to ensure full benefits are realized and to be proactive in reducing claw backs should the company fall out of compliance with incentive agreements.

Workforce Analysis

The available labor market is a major factor in finding the right location. GLS’s bespoke workforce analysis can help you determine which community is right for you.


Comprehensive understanding of the current and forecasted skills your project requires


Detailed analysis if current and historical wages

Important workforce data related to your industry’s turnover, hiring, and separation trends
Visibility into real-time job postings by occupation, employer, job title, skills, and certifications
Insight about the degrees, certifications, and awards that would be most beneficial for your operation

In-depth evaluation of your supply chain’s capacity to support your industry

Logistics Analysis

Our options for site-specific logistics analysis evaluate factors including transportation costs and inbound and outbound transportation optionality. This analysis feeds into location benchmarking and informs site selection parameters.

Preliminary Assumptions

Preliminary Assumptions are created and utilized as placeholders for transportation costs and customer service quality. The assumptive data results are used in the location benchmarking study to find the optimal regions for each client’s facilities.

Network Model

The Network Model is a strategic investment to forecast and model the distribution network of facilities needed for 5+ years into the future. Many distribution scenarios can be modeled, and detailed data will then be incorporated into the location benchmarking study.

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You know your business better than anyone. And our team has unmatched experience in location and incentives strategy for capital, labor, and energy-intensive industries. Let’s talk.

Our Projects

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Global Location Strategies Georgia Pacific logo - Location Strategy

Georgia-Pacific and its subsidiaries are among the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of bath tissue, paper towels and napkins, tableware, paper-based packaging, cellulose, specialty fibers, and building products. To grow its manufacturing operations for Dixie® and Dixie Ultra® lines of plates and bowls, Georgia-Pacific enlisted GLS to identify the location for its next facility.

Novelis Site - Location Strategy

Global Location Strategies Novelis Logo - Location Strategy

Novelis Inc. is the leading sustainable aluminum solutions provider and world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling. Facing an increased need for speed-to-market, Novelis enlisted GLS to identify a location for the first fully integrated aluminum rolling mill in the United States in over 40 years. The project required a site with significant acreage, rail, and interstate accessibility, access to a highly skilled workforce, and large quantities of fully renewable energy.

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Global Location Strategies Nacero Logo - Location Strategy

Nacero Inc. is bringing sustainable aviation fuel and lower carbon aviation fuel to market using renewable natural gas and natural gas. Planning to build several production facilities across the United States, Nacero enlisted GLS with identifying suitable sites with access to abundant natural gas, as well as rail service.