Here to Guide You on Your Investment Readiness Journey

We find the world’s best sites for global corporations, and we leverage this knowledge on behalf of our economic development partners.

Position your community for long-term success by creating the conditions to recruit capital investment and high-quality jobs best suited for your area. Our clients often choose to bundle our services to create a custom economic development strategy.

Site Identification

Grow your investment-ready site inventory by identifying new industrial sites that leverage your community’s unique assets to attract investment of your targeted use types.
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Site Readiness

Whether you are looking to build your site inventory or strengthen your current portfolio, we offer services to position your community to win from the RFI.
Enhance your real estate portfolio by presenting your clients with the insights they need to make intelligent location decisions.

Position your community for long-term success by comparing it against competitors nationwide to gain insights on how to attract new business.

Enhance your real estate portfolio by presenting your clients with the insights they need to make intelligent location decisions.

Reverse Site Selection

Give new life to unique or abandoned assets. Reverse engineer the site selection process to define the best use for your community’s assets and leverage those insights to develop a targeted business case for investors.
Retiring Power Plants
Former Chemical Complexes

Other Unique Assets

Workforce Analysis

Identify talent gaps with a workforce analysis.

Equip your community’s labor market for future job growth by defining what industry workforce may be needed in the years ahead and how to align stakeholders to meet those needs.

Community and Workforce Benchmarking
Discover your perfect company match by identifying the industry subsectors that would thrive in your community.
Industry Competitiveness Analysis
Benchmark against competitors by defining your industry-specific competitive advantages. GLS compares your site, workforce, and community to likely competitors through simulated site selection projects.


Getting everyone on the same page can make all the difference when it comes to attracting the right investment.

Stakeholder Workshops

Like any team sport, economic development is at its best when community stakeholders are engaged and moving in a cohesive direction. Our stakeholder workshops bring together utility, transportation, government, and community leaders to discuss best practices in economic development and how each group plays a vital role in site and community investment readiness.​

Site Visit Coaching

Site visits are make-or-break moments in the site selection process. Led by an experienced site selector, our site visit coaching will educate your team and community partners on effective site visit practices. GLS will guide you through the site visit just as we would with a real project. The difference? You’ll receive feedback following each portion of the visit and insight into the overall effectiveness of the experience.

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Our Projects

North Carolina Railroad Railway - Economic Development

Global Location Strategies North Carolina Railroad Company logo - Economic Development

The North Carolina Railroad Company is a private corporation which manages the use of 317 miles of track stretching from Charlotte to the Port of Morehead City. The company partnered with GLS to develop a site readiness program to enhance the state’s portfolio of available, rail-served sites.

warrenton industrial park north - Economic Development

Global Location Strategies Missouri Partnership logo - Economic Development

Missouri Partnership is a public-private economic development organization focused on attracting new jobs and investment to the state. The Partnership enlisted GLS to perform a site identification search throughout the state. The goal of this search was to identify new potential mega sites that could support economic development recruitment of significant industrial projects.

Martinsville Henry County Commonwealth Crossing - Economic Development

Global Location Strategies Martinsville Henry County Corporation logo1 - Economic Development

The Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation is a public-private partnership between Henry County, the City of Martinsville, and the Harvest Foundation of the Piedmont in Virginia. The EDC enlisted GLS to provide a reverse site selection analysis for two properties: the Commonwealth Crossing Site and the Former DuPont Industrial Site.

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