Nacero - Nacero

INDUSTRY: Chemical/Petrochemical + Clean Tech

Services: Site Selection + Incentives

Location: Penwell, Texas

Capital Investment

New Jobs

Nacero is bringing a new gasoline to market, one that is made from natural gas and renewable natural gas, not crude oil. The Company plans to build production facilities where it can create environmental and economic benefits for its consumers, host communities, commercial counterparties, and shareholders. Nacero was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Global Location Strategies was commissioned by Nacero, an American sustainable aviation fuel producer, to identify suitable sites for its future processing facilities across the United States. For each $1 billion facility, the main project requirements were access to abundant natural gas and rail service.​

Considering Nacero’s project requirements, GLS identified more than 120 suitable properties across the US. Once the Southern US was prioritized, a fatal flaw analysis was conducted for each site, and those properties that passed were recommended for the client’s review. The project required a significant amount of land and utilities, particularly natural gas. GLS utilized data sources to identify sites that were closer proximity to the natural gas sources, not just pipelines, in order to supply the project’s needs.

GLS negotiated and secured economic incentives on behalf of the company.

In 2021, Nacero announced its selection of Penwell, TX for its flagship facility in Penwell, TX. The plant’s electricity will wholly come from renewable sources, much of which will be produced onsite from solar panels co-located on its 2,600-acre site. The plant will be the first in the US to make gasoline from natural gas and the first in the world to do so with carbon capture and sequestration. Sequestered CO2will be transported via an existing on-site pipeline. Nacero expects the facility to be operational in 2025.

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