Guiding location decisions with generational impacts

We are the leading site selection and incentive negotiation firm for manufacturing and industrial companies, strengthened by proprietary software and more than six decades of experience.

Whether you are expanding into a new market or scaling up a new technology, your location investment decision will not only impact your success but will also have an indelible mark on the community, your company, and your team. Wherever your search may lead, the GLS team is here to be your guide.

Our Lasting Impact

Global Location Strategies was initially formed in the 1970s within Fluor Corporation, a Fortune 500 engineering and construction firm, at their Greenville, South Carolina office.

In 2009, Global Location Strategies was outsourced from Fluor with Didi Caldwell at the helm. Since that time, GLS has grown from two employees to over 20 with more than 100 years of cumulative site location and economic development experience.

Today, GLS is recognized as a trusted source for site selection and incentive negotiations, economic development consulting, bespoke industry insights, and site selection technology platforms.

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Proven Results

GLS has supported both foreign and domestic clients with location advisory and incentive negotiations for their new, expanding, or relocating operations.

Years of Location Strategy Experience

Countries Evaluated by Our Team

Announced Capital Investment

Jobs Created by Our Projects

Providing insight, foresight, and oversight for location decisions

Whether working alongside businesses or economic developers, we take pride in matching companies and communities for mutual, sustainable prosperity.

Corporate Location Advisory

Our signature 360-degree analysis cross-references more than 850 data points for each location, delivering the clarity your team needs to move forward with confidence.

Economic Development Consulting

We leverage our site selection expertise to help economic development organizations identify and evaluate sites, analyze their workforce, and strengthen their teams.