Software Built by and for Location Strategy Professionals

We developed and deployed custom software to revolutionize the site selection field. This innovative software can now be found at our company spinout, Strata Platforms.

Collect Site and Building Data

Building and sending a Request for Information (RFI) can be a daunting task.

Lasso is the first-of-its-kind property data collection software that streamlines the process.

Confidentially request comprehensive site and building information from economic developers. Using our master RFI template, create comprehensive RFIs fast. From location information and utility infrastructure to workforce and logistics, build your RFI to your specific project requirements, set a deadline, and send. Lasso delivers standardized responses on one page, with properties on one map, and easily downloads to one spreadsheet.

Make emailing spreadsheets a thing of the past. Lasso provides economic developers with a place to collaborate and submit property proposals. The cloud-based platform offers multi-tiered access for state, regional, city, county, and utility developers with one place to respond with accurate information. Lasso also offers total data recall, so your past submissions are saved and available for new submissions down the road.
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“We have used the Lasso platform to collect detailed information on development sites in our region. The site offers the sophistication we were looking for, while still being easy to work with. I could not be more pleased with the Client Success team at GLS.”

– Alex Lynch, Senior Director of Business Attraction

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“This is a long-awaited change for the industry. I hope one day to never have to fill out an Excel RFI again.”

– Sarah Jacobs, President

Discover North American Sites and Buildings

The internet never sleeps and neither does LOIS.

LOIS is a global platform for finding and marketing available sites and buildings.

Browse available sites and buildings in North America on The open marketplace has more than 50,000 sites and building listings and is growing as economic developers list properties. Select and save listings for future reference in your own private, confidential folders and create and print reports to share with ease.
LOIS offers economic developers and utility and railway providers the software to display properties on your organization’s website. The platform also offers added exposure by feeding your sites and buildings to a national viewer on, where corporations and site selectors can browse listings in a free, online marketplace.