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The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) is a private non-profit organization funded by more than 60 Alabama companies, whose mission is to attract and retain world-class talent across a broad spectrum of interests and industries, support and inspire both industry and innovative/emerging companies whether home-grown or transplanted, expand existing businesses, and be the trusted source for data and insights for key economic drivers and stakeholders for Alabama economic development.

Global Location Strategies was commissioned by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) on behalf of the Alabama Department of Commerce to perform a site readiness analysis to support the State’s decision to fund SEEDS grant applications. The goal of the analysis was to leverage GLS site selection expertise to develop a business case for best-suited site development grant applications that would maximize Alabama’s economic development competitiveness.

The GLS team evaluated 19 industrial sites across the state – ranging from 75 to 1,562 acres based on their competitiveness for a representative capital-intensive, labor-intensive, and balanced project. For each site selection model, sites were benchmarked against each other and against three confidential out-of-state competitor sites.

In February 2024, GLS delivered a comprehensive assessment of each site and community’s readiness to pursue new business investment, the impact of proposed grant improvements to overall competitiveness, and prioritized recommendations for allocation of SEEDS Act grant funding.

In May 2024, Alabama Secretary of Commerce Ellen McNair announced that thanks to the SEEDs initiative, the state is competing for $13.5 billion in new capital investment and has already secured $30 million in grants, leading to 14 active projects and over 5,000 potential jobs.

GLS is participating in the next round of SEEDS evaluations.

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Greg Barker


“GLS did an outstanding job evaluating sites and communities and presented the findings in a clear and concise format that was extremely helpful to leaders in Alabama who were making difficult decisions about the most productive uses of the SEEDS grants. Both rural and urban communities also benefited from the GLS evaluation process. In fact, several commented that GLS’ feedback was a very valuable aspect of the SEEDS grant process. Thank you again for the partnership and we look forward to the next round of SEEDS applications.”

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