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Parker Wyatt


As a site selection consultant, Parker advises companies on making informed location strategy decisions that drive growth and success. He takes the time to learn the client’s process, key drivers, preferences, and risks to address their location, logistics, workforce, and incentive needs and, ultimately, reach their goals.

Parker is a jack of all trades. He enjoys digging into the data to uncover trends and deliver analytical reports that drive clients forward on their site selection journey. He is also the team’s go-to expert when it comes to integrating GLS’ location analytic platform, Site Shepherd, into the site selection process. From client onboardings and support to building out project assumptions and models, Parker collaborates effectively with clients and cross-functional teams to provide outstanding assistance.

Parker holds a bachelor’s degree in finance, with a minor in accounting from Clemson University. He is our resident sports fanatic and die-hard Clemson Tiger. When he’s not cheering on his team, he enjoys playing flag football, kickball, golfing, and spending time with his golden retriever Booker.